Hedgit Money Market is crypto's first non-custodial solution delivering interest income to user wallets, akin to traditional savings accounts.
Hedgit Money Market Strategy stands out with its yield-bearing accounts, offering flexibility with no lock-ins. All transactions are transparently executed within the client's personal account, ensuring full visibility. Our portfolio is designed to be resilient against price volatility and depeg risks. We maintain the utmost integrity by refraining from lending or engaging in high-frequency trading of assets. Moreover, only the client has the authority to withdraw funds, while our role is strictly limited to execution.
We have an extensive track record of executing structured products in traditional finance since 2011
Profound Domain Expertise
With over 25 years of core team experience, our foundation lies in unparalleled expertise. We have an extensive track record of offering meticulously crafted structured products, ensuring that our offerings are rooted in deep market understanding and excellence.
Robust Risk Framework
Risk mitigation is at the core of our operations. We boast proprietary systems that have been rigorously battle-tested over a decade on global TradFi exchanges. This ensures that our clients are backed by a resilient and proven system, safeguarding them at every step.
Thought Leadership & Insight
Our team brings to the table not only its vast experience but also holistic thought leadership. Our team members have penned a best-selling book on trading structured products and had also published articles on an impending Luna ecosystem crash 4 months before actual events.
Ecosystem Collaborations
Our commitment to the Web3 landscape shines through our pro-bono initiatives. Our team has built a dynamic community encompassing not only TradFi and DeFi, but the entire Web3 domain. With over 3k members, this endeavor underscores our dedication to fostering widespread collaboration and innovation.
Our Ecosystem Partners & Exchanges